RETA Authorized Instructors (RAIs)

The RETA Authorized Instructor (RAI) Program is designed to assure that candidates have access to high-quality training as they prepare to qualify for CARO, CIRO and CRES credentials.   RAIs must meet rigorous RETA standards, both for their knowledge of refrigeration systems and their skill as trainers.  

RETA conducts confidential surveys of an RAI's trainees when an RAI applies for recertification every three years.  While all candidates must earn their RETA credentials with their performance on RETA examinations and in meeting other certification requirements, the RAI credential assures candidates that they have access to instruction that has met rigorous RETA standards.  

If you have questions, or would like to request an application, please contact Dan Reisinger at RETA HQ (541) 497-2955 or visit the RAI Certification page.

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Cargill GEOS

Jay Voissem  (877) 376-6250


ConAgra Foods 

Gordon Rascoe, Jr. (517) 317-2633

   Garden City         Ammonia Program

        Jeremy Williams(620) 271-0037


Industrial Consultants

Chris Harmon (918) 274-8639


 Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC)

Zachary Clasbey (540) 941-2034


Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc.

Ken Johnson (540) 941-1987


Intercool USA, LLC

Jamey Price (817) 439-1807



 Lanier Technical College

Jordan Reece (770) 533-6997

Image result for modesto technical college logo 

Modesto Technical College

Larry Qualls  (209) 524-7037

 PSIG, Inc.


Michael Schreck (831) 210-8960


SCS Engineers

Gene Dumas  (336) 337-0268

Eric Girven (570) 721-0659

Tyler Ramos (620) 355-1673


Wagner-Meinert LLC

           Dan Connelly (260) 489-7555

Jeff Sloan (260) 615-0942

John Sherrill (260) 402-0346

Vern Sanderson (260) 489-7555


Western Precooling Systems

Don Tragethon (831) 901-9091


Wenatchee Valley College

 Greg Jourdan (509) 741-7105 

 Independent Contractor  James Price, Sr (817) 821-0100

Note: RETA is not an agent of any RAI. 

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