For all RETA Certification programs, the Certification is valid for three years from test passage date or date of last three-year renewal cycle.

You must renew your Certification before the expiration date.

How do I renew my Certification?

What are Certification Renewal Requirements?

The Re-Certification Criteria can be found in current Certification Application Handbooks.

RETA Certification holders are notified of renewal requirements within six (6) months of their renewal date and again at least 30 days from their expiration date. All notifications are made by email.

If you have more than one RETA Certification the training is valid for both certifications. For example, you have a CARO and CIRO Certification and you received 6 PDH from a safety day. The 6 PDH can be used for both the CARO and CIRO Certification renewals. You will need to add the PDH to each certification in the RETA Certification Database (RCD).

Documentation of 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH) or 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEU) is required to renew Certification. (It is the certified individuals responsibility to collect and submit required documentation to RETA HQ.) The Appendix 500-A lists various training with a PDH value for the listed training. A link to the Appendix 500-B PDH Table is below.


Examples include:

  • PDH earned at the annual RETA National Conference.

  • PDH earned by attending monthly Chapter meetings.

  • PDH earned by attending a Safety Day.

  • Most any documented training or schooling that can be shown to relate to industrial refrigeration is acceptable.

HAZWOPER training (OSHA 1910.120(q)) is NOT accepted for RETA Certification renewal.

You must submit a Certified Operator Renewal Application form, upload your 24 PDH of training documents into the RETA Certification database (RCD) and pay the required renewal fess before your Certification expires. 


There is a fee required at the time of renewal.



If your Certification expires, you will need to re-test and pass the exam to become Certified again.


How to Submit your Training Documents for Approval:


You will use the RETA Certification Database (RCD) to enter and submit your PDH documentation electronically for your certification renewals (CARO, CIRO, CRST, CRES and RAI).


PLEASE NOTE: Before you can use the RCD, RETA must have an email address for you in their system (whether or not you are a RETA member). Email addresses can only be used once per individual and the system will not allow different individuals to have the same email address. If you are unsure whether RETA has a valid email address for you, email RETA Headquarters at with your name, address, and phone number, and the email you want RETA to use. (If you don’t have an email address, you can set one up for free; for ideas on how to do this, search the Internet with the words “Set up an email address.”)

How to log into the RCD and get started:

To log into the RCD, go to the website, Use your email for your login. If you have not logged into the RCD before, click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD. You will then be emailed instructions on how set your password.

Click here for the RCD  Website.

 Once your training that has been uploaded into the RCD, it will be reviewed and approved from RETA Certification Staff. To complete the renewal process, your Certification Renewal form needs to be sent RETA, ( and the required fees paid. A new certification certificate and new card reflecting your updated certification expiration date will be issued.

          Make Sure RETA Has A Valid Email Address for You!

RETA will use emails to send both RETA members and non-members important news and information about your Certification. You will receive an email in advance of your Certification expiration date and emails will be sent when PDH documents are approved. You will also receive emails regarding CRES activities if you are seeking the CRES Credential.


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2020 CARO/CIRO Renewal Application Form PDF (190.39 KB) Administration 1/2/2020
CRES Certification renewal application form PDF (125.7 KB) Administration 1/1/2019
Appendix 500 - B PDH Table PDF (179.49 KB) Administration 4/27/2020

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