CRES Certification

CRES — Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist 

CRES was added in November 2013 to assess mastery of refrigeration system operations and energy management strategies. While no other RETA credentials are required to qualify for the CRES credential, CRES candidates do need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of refrigeration operations to offer energy management strategies without compromising the safety or integrity of refrigeration systems.


CRES candidates should be familiar with the operating concepts and principles addressed in IR-1 in addition to energy management strategies and techniques in the Industrial Refrigeration Best Practices Guide published by Cascade Energy and the Energy Conservation Manual – Industrial Refrigeration Consortium published by University of Wisconsin.


The CRES exam consists of 135 questions and allows three hours for completion.


There is also a performance aspect related to CRES which includes the documentation of three energy saving activities related to refrigeration system operations and their facilities whereby energy savings can be quantitatively documented.


Certification of CRES occurs after successful completion of the exam and documentation of three activities. Additional activities must be documented to maintain CRES certification.

Energy Efficiency Projects: Click here to view samples of no-cost and low-cost upgrades for your facility


CRES Case Studies

  • Click on each company to download a PDF of their case study.

Henningsen Cold Storage  CRES case study

Snotemp Cold Storage CRES case study


How do I apply to take CRES certification exams?

  • All RETA certification candidates must begin by submitting a completed exam certification application to RETA HQ with payment.  Click here for the Certification section of our online store.
  • After review and approval by RETA, your application will be processed and you will receive an email instructing you to call RETA HQ (541-497-2955) to schedule your exam at a RETA testing center.
  • RETA created Study Guides to help candidates prepare to perform well on exams.  Each Study Guide can be downloaded free from the RETA website.  Study Guides include reference information that will be needed to answer questions during each test.  These references will appear on-screen during each test.   Candidates are not allowed to use these study guides during a RETA certification examination.  Candidates should become familiar with these references for the RETA credential they are working toward before taking the test.    
  • The CRES exam study guide can be downloaded below.
  • Candidates are encouraged to use the exam study guides and other test preparation materials on the RETA website to help them prepare for an exam.

Certification Fees

2020 Exam Fees: $510.00 RETA member rate; $815.00 non-member rate 

RETA membership must be current at the time of application in order to qualify for the member rate. If your company is a corporate member, the certification applicant must be one of the company’s designated members to qualify for the member rate.


CRES Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2020 CRES Certification Application Handbook PDF (640.04 KB) Administration 12/31/2019
CRES Study Guide PDF (1.47 MB) Administration 9/12/2019
Answers for CRES Study Guide Questions PDF (106.69 KB) Administration 7/13/2020
Energy Efficiency Project Samples PDF (6.41 MB) Administration 10/13/2017
CRES Toolbox Talk Cards PDF (7.16 MB) Administration 11/9/2017
CRES Vi Tool XLSX (45.01 KB) Administration 2/22/2017
CRES Door Tool XLSX (184.17 KB) Administration 2/22/2017
CRES Defrost Tool XLSX (207.17 KB) Administration 2/22/2017

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