New Online RETA Certification Database!

On August 25, 2016, RETA launched the new online RETA Certification Database (RCD). You’ll use the RCD to enter and submit your PDH documentation electronically for your certification renewals (CARO, CIRO, or CRES). For the CRES (Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist), you’ll also use the RCD to submit the required energy efficiency activities.

The RCD will be a big time saver for both you and RETA staff. RETA staff will review your submissions online and email you about your progress. You’ll also be able to review online the status of all your certifications. 

PLEASE NOTE: Before you can use the RCD, RETA must have a current, valid, and unique email address for you in their system (whether or not you are a RETA member). If you are unsure whether RETA has a valid email address for you, email RETA headquarters at with your name, address, and phone number, and the email you want RETA to use. (If you don’t have an email address, you can set one up for free; for ideas on how to do this, search the Internet with the words “Set up an email address.”)

How to log into the RCD and get started:

  • If you are a RETA member: You can use the email address on file or the username for the RETA website login. The password you use on the RETA website is also used on the RCD.

  • If you are NOT a RETA member: You will use the email address you provided on your Certification exam application. Use your email address to start the login process and follow the instructions from there.

Make Sure RETA Has A Valid Email Address for You!

RETA will use emails to send both RETA members and non-members important news and information about your Certification. You will receive an email in advance of your Certification expiration date and emails will be sent when PDH documents are approved. You will also receive emails regarding CRES activities if you are seeking the CRES Credential.

Certification Portal Sign In

Click here for the certification portal sign in page.

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