Online Proctored (OLP) Testing

What is Online Proctored (OLP) Testing?

  • RETA's Online Proctored (OLP) testing allows a candidate to take the RETA CARO, CIRO and CRST Certification exams from their home using the individuals personal laptop computer and an external webcam when all requirements for the OLP testing have been met. The OLP exams are the same exams that are taken at RETA Network Test Centers and Kryterion Proctored Test Centers with a few differences in the way the exams are delivered to your computer. There is a proctor observing you while you take your exam using an external webcam connected to your computer. 

How do I apply to take a RETA OLP exam?

  • All RETA certification candidates must begin by submitting a completed CARO, CIRO or CRST exam certification application to RETA HQ with payment. You will also need to complete an application for Online Proctored (OLP) Testing. The application must be submitted at the same time.
  • There is no additional fee for taking a RETA OLP exam, just the fee for the CARO, CIRO or CRST Certification exam apply.
  • After review and approval by RETA staff, your applications will be processed and you will receive an email on how to prepare for a successful exam. 
Please be aware of the following conditions for taking a RETA Online Proctored (OLP) exam
  • An external USB camera must be used for testing, no internal camera is allowed.
  • During your exam, you cannot review a test question or change an answer after you have moved to the next question. You cannot review or change your answers when you reach the end of the test.
  • If you leave the test area for any reason, the proctor will end your test.

If you believe you will have issues meeting these requirements or any of the other requirements, you should not take the OLP exam.

The application for Online Proctored (OLP) testing and the RETA OLP testing candidate guide below explain in detail the requirements for applying for and taking an OLP exam.

Online Proctored (OLP) Testing Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
OLP Testing Application PDF (391.29 KB) Administration 7/29/2020
OLP Testing Candidate Guide PDF (1.24 MB) Administration 7/29/2020

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