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About RETA Certification

RETA certification requires meeting eligibility criteria and demonstrating knowledge of industrial refrigeration concepts, principles and practices. RETA certification exams and other requirements assess competencies in the realm of industrial refrigeration operation. RETA training materials provide the fundamental knowledge needed to understand these concepts and operating principles.

RETA certification exams are accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), which requires that they are continually scrutinized by an organization whose sole mission is to establish, maintain and assure that the highest industry standards are set and met in a continuous and ongoing basis. ANSI is certainly recognized and often highly regarded by regulatory agencies such as EPA and OSHA in the establishment and maintenance of the highest industrial and safety benchmarks.

Review Courses Offered at the Conference 

CARO – Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator 

CARO is an entry-level credential that is designed to demonstrate that an operator has sufficient knowledge to work under supervision in industrial refrigeration. There is no minimum experience requirement for CARO. The exam assesses mastery of concepts and principles in RETA’s Industrial Refrigeration I and the ammonia safety chapter in Industrial Refrigeration IV (chapter 7). 

CARO exam (fee not included in Review Course) includes 110 questions and allows three hours for completion.


CIRO – Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator

CIRO requires documentation of at least two years of experience as a industrial refrigeration operator. It assesses more advanced concepts, principles and applications required to supervise industrial refrigeration operations. CIRO measures mastery of applied refrigeration system operations and troubleshooting based on principles and knowledge addressed in RETA books: Industrial Refrigeration (IR) I · IR II (systems) IR IV (plant operation and safety) Basic Electricity (BE) I · Basic Electricity (BE) II (ladder diagrams).


The CIRO exam (fee not included in Review Course) consists of 135 questions and allows three hours for completion.


CRES - Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist


CRES assesses mastery of refrigeration system operations and energy management strategies. While no other RETA credentials are required to qualify for the CRES credential, CRES candidates do need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of refrigeration operations to offer energy management strategies without compromising the safety or integrity of refrigeration systems.


The CRES exam (fee not included in Review Course) consists of 135 questions and allows three hours for completion.


There is also a performance aspect related to CRES which includes the documentation of three energy saving activities related to refrigeration system operations and their facilities whereby energy savings can be quantitatively documented.


Certification of CRES occurs after successful completion of the exam and documentation of three activities. Additional activities must be documented to maintain CRES certification.


Please visit the Certification Tab on the RETA website for further information on each of these Certifications and to download their respective handbooks.


Train the Trainer Course

This train the trainer course is designed for workplaces that need trainers that will hit the ground running with a high level of adult learning tools.

This is not an exercise for passing assessments, this is for people that need the skills to train in today's professional workplaces.

This Train the Trainer Training Program is designed to benefit employees that are being asked to design and/or deliver training in the workplace. Participants learn about the learning needs of adults, planning and developing different types of training, delivering and assessing the success of the training.

For further information on the Train the Trainer course visit

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  • You may join us in Dallas and attend only a certification course
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