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Lanier Technical College and Sampson Community College form partnership

Thursday, December 17, 2015  

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Lanier Technical College and Sampson Community College form partnership

Sampson Community College and Lanier Technical College partner to bring Lanier Tech’s world-class Ammonia Refrigeration Training to Sampson’s Clinton, NC campus.  The partnership provides more ammonia training opportunities for the industrial refrigeration business community. Lanier Tech, with over 15 years of world-class, hands-on training in its live, three systems ammonia facility, will take the lead for both institutions in class registration and operator certification.  The partnership provides the industrial refrigeration community with multiple training locations with professional consistency, benefits flexibility, and the potential for reduced expense for the refrigeration community.

As global demand for refrigerated food continues increase, the demand for training “seats” increases, but training classes fill quickly.  The Lanier Tech/Sampson CC partnership expands the available training seats and enables last minute scheduling flexibility for the industry customer.

Lanier Tech continues with its full lineup of basic to advanced training at its Oakwood, GA facility as it expands Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Level I and PSM/RMP for Ammonia Operator at Sampson’s Clinton Campus.

Amos Clark, Lanier Tech’s Lead Ammonia Refrigerator Instructor, who has over 40 years of professional ammonia refrigeration experience, stated, "It’s been very rewarding to be at Lanier Technical College the past 4 years and to have the opportunity to pass many years of learning experiences on to our students. I am very excited about working with Sampson CC to expand our reach and to better serve the needs of customers in North Carolina."  


Sampson CC’s Ann Butler, Dean of Continuing Education, added, “We are very excited about this unique  partnership in part because it enables us to continue to honor the training commitment we made to our supportive industry partners when  SCC’s Ammonia Refrigeration facility was built in 2010.  Equally, we are excited to bring to Sampson the vast expertise of Lanier’s faculty who will help us competently address the training needs of agribusiness and other industries that utilize ammonia refrigeration in and beyond North Carolina.”

Since both colleges focus on workforce development, the partners can provide the benefit of economy of scale and better customer service without additional expense to the customer by sharing resources.  Dr. Ray Perren President of Lanier Technical College, remarked, “Lanier Tech has seen tremendous growth in our Ammonia Refrigeration training program, and we value the partnership with Sampson CC as a great way for both institutions to expand our mission of workforce development and to meet the needs of a growing business sector.

Dr. Paul C. Hutchins, President of Sampson Community College added, “Our partnership with Lanier Technical College brings a recognized leader in Ammonia Refrigeration training and instruction to North Carolina.   We look forward to working with Lanier Technical College to meet the training needs in Ammonia Refrigeration for industries in North Carolina and beyond.”

Industry professionals wanting to register for Ammonia Refrigeration Level I and/or PSM/RMP for Ammonia Operator at Sampson’s Clinton campus should contact Tim McDonald, Vice President of Economic Development Lanier Tech at 770-533-6992 for classes at Sampson CC. Professionals wanting to register for classes at the Lanier Tech Oakwood, GA facility can continue to register online at .

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