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Tour of SCC facility kicks off regional meeting

Wednesday, October 25, 2017  

Tour of SCC facility kicks off regional meeting

By Dan Grubb - SCC

Ammonia Refrigeration instructor Fran Leerkes leads a group on a tour of the facility.


Twice a year, community colleges in the region involved with the Customized Training programs (CTP) are required to meet to update CTP Directors on best practices, state guidelines and host an introduction to new team members within the region and at state level that will be working within the counties of the region.

This year’s visit was hosted this week at Sampson Community College and the corporate sponsor for the event was the Smithfield – Clinton Plant.

Katie Brown, SCC’s director of Customized Training used the opportunity to show off SCC’s Ammonia Refrigeration facility to those who came to visit. “We have such a committed group of folks who have been an integral component to the success of the Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Program,” Brown said. “It was such a privilege to host such a prestigious group on our campus in our beautiful facility.”

Dr. William Starling, vice president of Academic Affairs & Administration for SCC, officially welcomed guests to the campus. Amanda Bradshaw, Dean of Workforce Development & Continuing Education made comments that related to the positive impact of the Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Program, which was the featured focal point, which started up effective July 1. This program will be offered to enhance industry certification(s) across the State of North Carolina as well as other states on the eastern seaboard.

“This conversation was important for these individuals to hear as they work closely with the industries that use ammonia refrigeration in their communities,” said Bradshaw. “Maintaining a highly trained workforce in the area of ammonia refrigeration seems to be a consistent challenge for industries needing such services. It is our hope to increase enrollment numbers of the programs by providing continual training support in this field as we educate students from across the state.”

In addition, Fran Leerkes, Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration instructor, gave an overview and tour of the ammonia facility regarding the Operator I, Operator II, and Process Safety Management. Brian Gainey, Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration coordinator of Smithfield – Clinton Plant gave an employer’s perspective regarding the importance of having this program offered at Sampson Community College.

In addition, guest speakers were: Lynn Unsworth, NCCCS regional trainer of Interpersonal and Leadership Skills; Brent Harpham, executive director from the NCCCS BioNetwork and Life Sciences; Brian Haney, Sandhills regional director, and Cathy Swindell, director of Industry Services at Central Carolina Community College.

Brown said she is optimistic about the program’s future, because of the already successful companies who have benefitted from the opportunities of the Customized Training & Workforce Development Programs. “We at SCC offer flexible training and countless instructional resources for all local business & industry that need updated skills training as well as certifications to remain competitive.

For more information on SCC’s Ammonia Refrigeration program, call 910-592-8081.

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