Conference Registration Help
Below are answers to common technical issues which you may encounter during the registration process.


    • You click to proceed to the next screen, yet the system stays on the current screen
    • You answer the security math question correctly, yet the system says that your answer is wrong
    • You receive random errors telling you that information is incomplete
    • The issues above and many other registration issues are caused by your computer browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.  More specifically, there's old information stored in your browser's cache which causes conflicts with our registration software.  In essence, your computer is providing invalid information during registration.
    • Clear your browser's cache and history.  This works most of the time, however it doesn't work all of the time.  Even though your cache "says" it was cleared, there may still be old information stored on your computer.
    • Use a different browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome
    • Install a new copy of Google Chrome or clear the cache and history in your current installation of Chrome. Installing Chrome is the best resolution we can recommend, because Chrome works best with our registration software.
    • Use a different computer. Try using your work PC or home PC instead.  That's because the browser and cache will be completely different and will most likely work.

Credit Card

    • Your credit card is not accepted even though it's current and valid
    • Our credit card processor is rejecting your card due to an inconsistency with their database of approved cards
    • You'll need to try using another credit card.  That's because we are unable to intervene with our credit card processor's authorization process.

Discount Code

    • Your Discount Code is not working (not applying your discount) at checkout
    • Contact us so we can confirm that you're using the correct Discount Code

Click here to contact our webmaster, if you're still having difficulty after trying the recommendations above.

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