Member-to-Member Discount Program

Do you have a special deal, discount or promotion to offer other RETA members?

All RETA Members are invited to advertise for FREE their “business deals & discounts” on our website to bring more clients to you! So, if you have a discount or any special to offer for RETA members let us know and we will help you spread the word! 

What types of discounts can be offered? 

  • Any discount you wish to offer is acceptable, as long as it is exclusive to RETA members. This can mean an additional discount added to one for the general public, or a completely different offer.

  • The discounts you offer are at your discretion and can last for a certain time period, or indefinitely. You may change the offer as well. Offers will be posted and must last for at least 30 days at a time.

  • RETA will promote this program and your discount at every opportunity, including in new member packets and on our website.  

What are the guidelines?

  • The participant must offer an exclusive discount/promotion to RETA members, over and above what nonmembers would receive.

  • The participant can review and revise the offer for the RETA Member Discount Program up to once a month. The participant agrees to abide by the discount/promotion and fully understands that it is the participant's responsibility to notify RETA of any and all changes immediately.

  • The participant agrees to educate employees about the RETA Member Discount Program.

  • The participant agrees to contact RETA in writing if the participant wishes to terminate participation in the RETA Member Discount Program.

Submit Your Promotion

Fill out the form below or click here to submit your promotion via PDF document.

Enter your contact information (not your sales staff)
Enter information relating to your promotion - who to call, e-mail, discount offered, etc.
I hereby agree to abide by the above information to honor the discount(s) stated
and fully understand that it is my responsibility to notify RETA of any and all
changes immediately.

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