Conference Educational Overview

RETA’s 2015 National Conference offers you a four-day educational extravaganza — providing you with an opportunity for GRADE A EDUCATION


Following is a ready-reference roster of the many programs offered this year in Milwaukee. As you peruse this roster of seven tracts of topics you’ll discover that RETA’s National Conference is the only event of its kind that offers the unique combination of: 


+ 8 hands-on training workshops
+ 12 manufacturer-specific training workshops
+ 18 educational infomercials
+ 25 technical white papers
= 63 reasons to attend RETA 2015 

RETA’s National Conference is one event you won’t want to miss! The 2015 educational programming is organized into seven educational tracts: 


Technical Paper Tracts

1) Operators/Technicians
3) Managers
4) Engineering/Codes


Two-hour Workshops

5) Hands-on Workshops
6) Manufacturer-specific Workshops 


Educational Infomercials

7) Hot Point Sessions


RETA is the only association in the industry currently offering hands-on training at a national conference. 


Technical Paper Tracts 


Building Air Infiltration
Thermal Performance: Protecting roof and employees in a difficult environment
Ammonia Lubricants: Ensuring the proper use of ammonia rated products in your everyday maintenance
Do’s and Don’ts of Electrical Maintenance
Maintaining Your Evaporators
Cleaning Your Anhydrous Ammonia



A Good Look at the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, Safety Bulletin 2010-13-A-AL
Commissioning New and Existing Facilities
Does My Piping Meet Code? – Types of Pipes Allowed in Systems – Malleable vs. Forged Steel
CO2 Booster Refrigeration Systems - An Alternative to HFCs
Machinery Room Codes - Part 2
Selecting Evaporators for CO2 Refrigeration
Low Charged Ammonia Systems



Responding to an Ammonia Emergency
Three-year Compliance Audits
Standard Operating Procedures
Management of Change/Pre-startup Safety Reviews
EAP/ERP – What Each Facility Should Consider
Incident Investigations


Management Tract

Profitable Safety
Teaching PSM to Operators
What Kind of Training Makes My Operators Qualified?
I Have Less Than 10,000 lbs of NH3, Why Should I Implement PSM?
The Down and Dirty MI – Mechanical Integrity Inspections
When Does a Maintenance Response Turn In To an Emergency Response?
Drips and Drabs Can and Will Hurt Your Profitability – Managing wash-down and dry time to minimize profit loss


Hands-on Workshops

Oil Draining Workshop
Dual-Back Pressure Regulator Adjustment Workshop
Liquid Transfer System Workshop
Liquid Feed Line Break Exercise
Relief Valve Replacement Workshop
Valves Workshop
Principles, Uses and Application of PPE in the Engine Room


Manufacturer-specific Workshops

Bitzer U.S. Inc.
Danfoss Inc.
Frick by Johnson Controls
GEA Refrigeration North America
Hermetic Pumps
Howden Compressors
Parker Hannifin – R/S Division
MYCOM (Mayekawa USA, Inc.)
Screw Compressors
Recip Compressors
Teikoku USA inc.
Vilter Manufacturing LLC
Screw Compressors
Recip Compressors 


Hot Point Presentations

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Farley’s Frigeration
Frick by Johnson Controls
GEA Refrigeration North America
Hansen Technologies Corporation
Honeywell Analytics
Logix Controls
Parker Hannifin – R/S Division
SCS Tracer Environmental
Vilter Manufacturing LLC


2015 Conference Educational Overview

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