Certification Practice Exams and Book Tests

 Practice Exams

Would you like to try the RETA CARO or CIRO Exam before taking the full exam?

These 50 question practice exams are available for you to take as a 'dry run' of the live exam. Get a feel for the actual test experience before you take the full CARO or CIRO exam. The questions come from the question pools of the CARO and CIRO Exams. Some of the questions are retired from the live exams.

  • Take a trial test For $59 per attempt at your own computer station
  • No proctor necessary – No Travel Required
  • 6 month availability from time of purchase to take one practice exam.
  • Now available for purchase in our online store.
    • Upon purchase from the RETA online store, your exam will be set up for you in the Webassessor system.  If purchased on a weekend or holiday, the exam will be set up on the next business day.
    • The exam must be paid for before it can be set up.

The CARO and CIRO Study Guide PDF's can be found on the CARO tab or CIRO tab under Certification on the RETA website. 

It is best to use a computer for taking practice exams and book tests.

You will need to have Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and Java installed on your computer for the reference material to be displayed correctly during the exam. These programs are available for free on the internet.

Click here for the WebAssessor Registration portal.

This portal is written by software engineers so, of course, it is not very intuitive for use by a non-programmer. Below is the PDF file that has been created to guide you through the process of establishing your registration identity. The identity you set up for yourself will be the one to use when you register through RETA headquarters to take the actual live exam. Keep your information handy.

 Note: This is very important, due to the strict security and privacy act compliance effort required for certification, each registrant must have their own unique and viable e-mail address. The system will not allow duplications - so sharing a co-worker's email address will not work.

If you have taken a RETA exam in the past you are in the RETA testing database. Please contact RETA HQ at 541-497-2955 for your login to the Webassessor login page.

Certification Guidance

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Certification Online Guidance PDF (1.77 MB) Administration 5/24/2014

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